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Online GCSE is a specialist provider of award-winning online learning content for International GCSE and GCSE. Powered by, Online GCSE is committed to consistently providing over 27 subjects of high-quality teaching and learning digital resources across both an extensive curriculum and wide range of awarding bodies. 

Our learning video clips are written by expert subject teachers then rigorously quality assured. Narrated by professional voice-over artists and with visuals produced by an award-winning design team, every video clip is mapped to International GCSE and GCSE exam boards. We also stay focused on keeping up with curriculum and technology changes. We use an evidence-based approach with audio-visual 'video clips' that are differentiated by exam boards and approved by subject specialists, and endorsed by industry leaders.

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that learners should be over the age of 16 to write the International GCSE exams.

How you will study

All of your lessons and assessments will be online. The learning content is specifically designed to be fully comprehensive, ensuring that there is no need to use any additional learning resources. 


All our International GCSE assessments are structured as formative assessments, enabling you to continuously test your knowledge as you work through the curriculum.

Final Examinations

To write your final exams, you will need to book, pay and write independently. Check with the testing body for your closest accredited testing venue. Most British Councils offer the testing facility.

Remember to book before the booking deadline for the exam sitting date that you want.

Self-Paced Learning

With our specifically designed comprehensive online learning content, you can study at your own pace, wherever you want, all you need is the internet.

Is Online GCSE an accredited or registered Cambridge School?

No, we are not an accredited or registered school with Cambridge. Our online learning content, however, has been developed in-line with the syllabus. 

How do I enrol?

Enrolling with us is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Select your testing body and complete your purchase. You can then add more subjects to your cart. 

When can I start studying?

Once you have registered and your payment has been processed, you will be emailed a welcome pack that will include your login details within 24 hours, during working hours.

What do I need to get started?

All our learning is online, therefore all you will need is a device such as a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and internet access.

How long will it take to study?

It depends on your lifestyle and commitments. Each subject has a recommended study time, however, how much time you dedicate to your students will determine how long it takes you to work through the curriculum.

How long do I have to complete my course?

Access to your online learning content is valid from January to December of the year that you were registered, regardless of when your registration was activated.

Can I study this content as a homeschooler?

Yes, our content is flexible in its structure to cater for both homeschoolers and students who study with a teacher. By studying our content, you can study with confidence, knowing that you are studying the content that is designed to help you pass. 


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